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Tire Care

Tire Basics

Commercial Tire Basics

A starting point to learn more about tires, especially relating to trucks and busses. Discover how to understand tire specifications, the difference between tube and tubeless tires, and more.

How to Maximize Tire Life

Maximizing Tire Life

GT Radial Tires are built to last for long distances. Here you can find more ways to care for your truck tire lifespan, with an emphasis on tire pressure, tire rotation, retreading, and other factors that affect wear

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

Saving even small amounts of fuel can provide a big benefit to your fleet’s bottom line! Find out some ways to improve mileage without sacrificing the performance of your truck tires.

Did You Know?

Did You Know

Find out some interesting, more advanced truck tire facts that can maximize your knowledge and driving success. These include facts on overloading hazards, wide base tires, nitrogen, and others.


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